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We believe that your current and future employees are at their greatest, strongest and most effective when they are totally sold on, engaged and aligned with your story, strategy and purpose.

We help create and develop internal & employer brands that connect and align your business’s primary asset. By combining insights and strategy with great creative concepts and award winning execution; we get you closer to your audience and deliver integrated, sustainable and quantifiable solutions.

With expertise in internal branding, employer branding, data-driven strategies, brand experience and change communication, we work in partnership with our clients to bring the entire employee journey to life: from pre-boarding through to alumni.

Ultimately we want to help build true employee love brands that deliver real and sustainable business value for our clients throughout the entire employee journey.


Internal branding

Structured, strategic internal communication, from messaging and architecture to media and channels. Story / Alignment / Promise / Purpose. Reputation / Identity / Values / Mindset / Concept / Architecture / Platforms / Advocacy / Leadership positioning / Content.

Leadership communications

Helping C-level teams win management and employee support for your ambitions and priorities. Vision / Strategy / Positioning / Story / Alignment / Coaching / Messaging / Cascading / Events / Communication.

Change communications

Developing and delivering change programmes that engage employees in realising your organisation’s ambitions. Mobilisation / Reorganisation / Transformation / Integration / M&A / Urgency.

Employer branding

Conceiving and implementing a distinctive employer brand that lifts you head and shoulders above your competitors. Employee Value Proposition / Love brand / Concept. Content / Authentic / Strategic / Pragmatic / Appealing / Targeted / Integrated.

Recruitment marketing and job branding

Devising, creating and managing fresh recruitment marketing and job branding campaigns and stories that appeal to today’s talent. Original / Appealing / Conversion-oriented / Targeted / Tactical / Engaging / Persuasive.


It’s late 2000. The world has survived the Millennium Bug and the Dotcom Bubble. And after more than a decade at an ad-industry giant, Luc van Beers is ready for a new agency. A new kind of agency. One that pairs strategy with creativity in the pursuit of high-impact corporate communications. That believes in growing through sharing knowledge, ideas, insights, opinions, trends and more. He finds a like mind in Tom Dorresteijn (today CEO of Studio Dumbar) and the two team up.

PROOF is born 2001. Lean, nimble, networked and creative. A small core team plus some of the best freelancers in the business. Focus on strategy with creativity for internal and corporate communications – because the best branding begins inside.

Success comes fast and the agency evolves. Over the years the slogan changes from ‘creative corporate communication’ to ‘corporate and internal branding’ to ‘reputation management’. Yet PROOF remains true to its roots throughout: lean, efficient, creative, strategic. Sharing knowledge, co-creating and collaborating, winning awards, reinventing the communications business, working greatly with the world’s great brands.

Fast forward to today and as an independent internal and employer branding agency we still work the same way. Inside out. Sharing. Combining insights and strategy with inspiration and creativity. Doing whatever it takes to tell a great story.

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100+ Awards

We’re really pleased, proud and honoured to have won and been nominated for so many awards over the years. They say you need three things to win awards: great creativity, great craft and great clients – so whilst these may speak of our excellence in creativity and craft, they are also testimony to great clients that dare to be bold.

Awards 2019 -


    Internal Branding Company of the Year – Univé – De kracht van Univé

    Dutch Marketing Awards 2019

    De employee journey – PROOF

    Managementboek van het jaar 2019

    Business Transformation & Managing Change – Univé – De kracht van Univé

    UK Employee Experience Awards 2019

    Innovative Employee Engagement – sme – VGZ – Our Heartbeat

    UK Employee Experience Awards 2019

    Internal Communication Strategy – MST – Goed. Beter. MST.

    UK Employee Experience Awards 2019
  • GOLD

    Best Communication of the Employer Brand to the Internal Audience – VGZ – Our Heartbeat

    Employer Brand Management Awards 2019
  • GOLD

    Best Employee Experience – VGZ – Our Heartbeat

    Employer Brand Management Awards 2019

    Best Employee Experience – Univé – De kracht van Univé

    Employer Brand Management Awards 2019
  • GOLD

    Best Employer Brand Management Programme Following Changed Mission, Positioning or Management – Dura Vermeer – Maar wat kan jij?

    Employer Brand Management Awards 2019
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