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What we do

We believe that organisational success begins with having aligned employees. Employees who are energetic, feel at home, give their best every day and know how they can contribute to shared ambitions. Happy employees determine customer satisfaction, sustainable value creation and the reputation of the organisation.

PROOF is a network agency with an established core team and experienced network. We focus on change communication and employee alignment and are pioneers in internal and employer branding. Specifically:

  • We help our clients to develop employee journeys that enable the whole organisation to create value together;
  • We develop and help to roll out integrated, sustainable and measurable alignment solutions;
  • We combine insights and strategy with contemporary creative concepts and implementation.


Having the right people eager to work for you, passionate employees who want to make your organisation a success and ex-employees who  continue to be fans – we can help you create your optimal employee journey.

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Whether a change is big or small, it always involves rewriting the company’s story to some degree. Find out how we can help you with impactful change communication.

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Ensure your employees feel engaged by their work and at home in your organisation, give the best of themselves and know how to contribute to a shared ambition. Discover winning employee alignment & internal branding.

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Savvy employer branding and a distinctive employer brand can boost your organisation’s position in the labour market. This is how we can help you develop an effective employer branding programme.

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Creating the ideal employee experience and successful change programmes both depend on senior management deliberately showing and sharing their commitment. Learn how we can help you with powerful leadership communications.

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What should you be doing to stand out among the other companies and vacancies that are also trying to attract your target audience? Find out more about how we can help you with recruitment marketing & job branding.

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How we work

Our 6 steps? Check out PROOF in 1 A4 (English version here | Dutch version here).


Eager to co-create with employees? Check out our Employee Journey Workshops – autumn edition.

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