WHY should you do it

  1. Because your colleagues and employees have never had more tools at their disposal to create content. In fact, according to Weber Shandwick earlier this year, 32% are telling stories about your business on social media, without  being asked.
  2. Employees have more reach and more influence than ever before. According to Edelman, 72% of consumers trust friends, family and experts above all others.
  3. Because it shows, hopefully… that the inside of the business, matches the outside. In other words, what I see externally matches the story/experience inside. A critical part of employer branding, reputation & trust.


HOW do you do it

  1. Using employees as content creators (creating content) and curators (sourcing content from other sources).
  2. Giving them the knowledge, facts and info they need to tell the brand story & purpose.
  3. Creating content that can be shared internally and externally.


WHAT do you need to do

  1. Find subjects you LOVE! Your enthusiasm (the values you communicate) comes across in the tone, language and style.
  2. Pair up. Creating content in a group is always easier.
  3. Storyhacks. We’re setting up monthly ‘surgeries’ where colleagues can bounce ideas around, fix ideas and just write, film and shoot. Storyhacks themselves are of course content.
  4. Create formats that people can ‘fill in and pass on, for example: A. 60 Seconds On… (insert country, office, product, person…) B. NTK…. Need to know facts about the business, products, regions etc. C. Outside In… what is happening in the world around us that impacts our business.
  5. Creating content is not magic – most of us do it very naturally… and follow the same structure whether we realise it or not: SomeoneProblemSolution. In conversation, emails, films, writing… it’s the same approach. And the beauty is, you just need to find one of those three and the other two will follow. Wherever this is a someone… a problem is never far behind. A solution always solves a problem.
  6. Keep it simple.