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The coronavirus has changed the field of internal communication, as we’re seeing at PROOF. Company magazines are back: almost all large organisations in the Netherlands want to create a magazine for their managers and employees. And almost all of them ask PROOF for 'something kind of like LINDA', a highly popular Dutch women’s magazine with a new theme every month.

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My mother

The reason for wanting to have your own magazine in these times – alongside other internal channels, such as the intranet – is clear. A magazine is tangible, something you can pick up and keep. And it literally reaches managers and employees working from home. This alone gives managers and employees a boost, as they feel that the organisation wants to keep in touch with them and is prepared to put the effort into and invest in making something special for them.

My mother

LINDA is very popular: the content is fun to read and the magazine looks great. No wonder organisations want ‘something kind of like LINDA’. But whereas LINDA can feature articles such as ‘My life after I won three million in the lotto’ or ‘My husband married my best friend’, doesn’t an organisational magazine cover fewer tantalising human-interest topics that many want to read? The answer is no – at least, if it’s created by people with guts. Both on the organisation’s part and their agency’s part. For instance, in such a magazine, they can not only explain what the organisation’s renewed strategy entails, but also interview the CEO about what keeps him or her up at night. And of course the CEO can then talk about challenges that the entire organisation has to face. But a headline such as ‘My mother thinks it’s almost as exciting as I do’, guarantees you more readers than something like ‘The new strategy will not be a success on its own.’ Pushing the boundaries pays off.


So what do you primarily need if you want to create a magazine like LINDA? Creativity and guts. And creators who not only want to but are capable of moving off the beaten track. Who can create something that touches both hearts and minds. The complete trust of the whole organisation. Because trusting and being trusted almost automatically leads to quality – and vice versa. So the request behind the request for ‘something kind of like LINDA’ is clearer than ever to PROOF. A tool-based approach to internal communication is no longer enough. Today, internal communication revolves around creating a cohesive and meaningful connection. And a magazine that is ‘kind of like LINDA’ is an exciting and above all connecting expression of that.

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