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The employee journey: a practical guide to creating sustainable business value

The right talent wanting to work for you. Passionate employees who help to make your organisation a success. And former employees who remain your fans. Ensuring the best possible employee journey really pays off. Some of its benefits include increased sales and reduced employee turnover and absence, but it will also help you become the kind of workplace that appeals to the talented new employees that you need in order to achieve your organisation’s ambitions. Since talent is becoming more and more scarce all over the world, investing in the employee experience is becoming an absolute must for all organisations.

A must-read for the international HR and Communications community
This book, by our colleagues Sascha Becker and Wenda Bolink, provides an overview of the full employee journey. The employee journey is a tool that lets you identify the key touchpoints between potential and existing employees and the organisation. This will highlight the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and show you where you can improve the employee experience, enabling you to focus on the high-impact touchpoints and deploy the right interventions to make your employees happy. With insightful facts and figures and appealing cases including Univé, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Dura Vermeer and KLM, this book offers you valuable tools to improve the employee experience within your organisation.

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