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The “new normal” means aligning your employees all over again

After three months of working from home, most employees have by now found their groove, according to the latest figures from the Sparkey (Motivaction) and PROOF corona engagement monitor.

More than half of the respondents (56%) said that they wanted to continue working from home even after the coronavirus crisis is over. And this is exactly where the danger lies, says Bea Aarnoutse, of PROOF. “At the moment, everyone is busy organising their work in their own way and is happy if things run at least a little bit smoothly in this ‘new normal’. Through this, however, employees are drifting away from shared organisational goals.

“This feeling of being less and less connected with your organisation is harmful,” Aarnoutse continues. “A decline in connectedness leads to less alignment, less development, stagnating growth and therefore declining returns. This is something that is more important than ever in these challenging economic times.”

Ester Koot of Motivaction adds: “Our research shows that more than 60 percent of home workers miss colleagues and that working on team spirit and involvement will be the challenges from now on. We need to look for new structures if we want to remain relevant to employees: from new ways of measuring and new ways of working together, to new ways of developing and new forms of dialogue.”

Bea Aarnoutse: “At least for the foreseeable future, many employees will continue to work from home regularly. A lot is still unclear: where are we going as an organisation, what is the standpoint regarding working from home and how do we ensure we continue talking to each other and not just simply sending each other information?” Regular and structural communication is now especially important. Make sure employees continue to feel involved and experience a shared perspective. That starts by gaining insight into your organisation – who is feeling what, what do employees need, what do executives need? – and then developing a communication strategy with HR and the communication department.”

Ester Koot: “Employees need to once again feel that their questions are being answered and, most importantly, that they can be part of the discussion. Organisations need to restart the dialogue both between employees and managers as well as among employees. The ‘new normal’ requires employee alignment.

“We seem to have rather quickly forgotten the voice of the employee, even though the fastest way to build customer loyalty is to value your employees. Our research found that employees appreciated receiving attention from their managers. Let’s hold onto that and ensure that we pay them more attention structurally,” Ester Koot concludes.

Some interesting figures from the most recent corona engagement research by Sparkey (the labour market research arm of Motivaction) and PROOF:


56% of respondents said that they want to work at home more often even after the coronavirus crisis is over


42% of respondents would like to organise their working hours more flexibly from now on


60% of respondents missed their colleagues


73% of respondents felt there was a good atmosphere within their team


63% of respondents felt valued by their management

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