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4 x employee journey scan

Head of strategy at PROOF, Sascha Becker is a man on a mission. To Sascha, whose motto is ‘happy employee = happy customer’, every unhappy employee is one too many. His current favourite topic is the employee journey scan. Time to answer four questions about it.

1. What is the employee journey scan, and why do we need it?
“The employee journey scan is an easy way to gain insights into the strengths and potential weaknesses of your organisation. And why is that important? It’s obvious really. Well begun truly is half done. Some clients are too quick in wanting to develop and launch a communications strategy, because they believe they already know how the organisation works, what people are thinking and feeling, and what employees need. Perhaps they already have a research report and see any further analysis as stalling things or unnecessary. But why wouldn’t you want to get things right? That said, I understand the hurry that some of our clients are in. Changes are happening faster than ever, and organisations want to be proactive rather than reactive. That’s where the employee journey scan comes in. Of course it is not the cure for all ills and needs to be fleshed out with desk research and interviews. But in just three hours, the scan gives you an overview of all the most important insights.”

2. In just three hours? How is that possible?
“We know people’s time is precious, so we aim to not only gather information, but also inspire. The best way to do that is through an interactive workshop of no more than three hours, with a group that represents a cross-section of the organisation. Ten to twelve employees from a range of disciplines. And we always involve someone from HR and Communications as well, to make sure insights can immediately be put to use and provide direction. How it works? We cover the six influencing factors of the employee journey in an interactive manner. For example, we first share some incisive facts and figures about leadership, and then ask the group’s opinion about leadership within their organisation. Or the group discovers how important it is to get the very best out of your talent, before engaging in a dialogue about the learning and development opportunities within their organisation. In a single workshop, we uncover the factors that can make the biggest difference for an organisation.”

3. So should every organisation take the employee journey scan?
“If it were up to me, yes, of course! You can use it in two ways. To find out how you can improve the employee journey, and to learn how the employee journey is actually experienced within your organisation. Is it a well-thought-out, smooth and positive journey? Or is it a series of bumps and jolts that employees need to circumvent? Getting that kind of insight is incredible useful.”

4. But how do you know if it works?
“The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital was the first to try out the employee journey scan. Both they and we learned a lot in the process. The scan proved to be a great way for us to further flesh out our collaboration. We’ve been achieving great results together, and were recently nominated for a prestigious European award. You can read more about that here. Inspired? Contact Wenda Bolink (my colleague and co-author of The employee journey) or me. We would be delighted to help you get started.”

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