We're entering the last month of a bizarre year. A year that has flown by and at the same time lasted forever. It's time for 2021.

And as we cross the threshold into the new year, we would like to reflect on the people who have made a difference in 2020. The people who we think are a great example of how you can change things in times of change. So on 21 January, 2021, we will be holding a webinar – verschilmakers.hracademy.nl – in which a number of our clients will tell their story. From Zeeger Josephus Jitta, Director Learning, Talent & Leadership Development at Albert Heijn to Sabrina Deij, Senior Corporate Communication Advisor, and Walter Minderhoud, Manager HR Expertise at Royal FloraHolland. You can even get a discount worth €100 for this online event using the special PROOF code 1TCKTPR. Enjoy it!

There are also plenty of other reasons to look forward to next year. Employee alignment will command even more of the organisation's attention in 2021, which is great news for us because it is something we love to help our clients with.

Something else to look forward to: PROOF will mark its 20th anniversary in 2021, and we plan to celebrate it. We will be looking back on the first two decades and forward to the future, together with our clients and our team. And we will continue to share knowledge, this time with the publication, in the spring, of the sixth PROOF book about how happy employees contribute to successful change.

On behalf of everyone at PROOF, I wish you a wonderful December and holiday season. Stay healthy and have a great time.

Best wishes from everyone here at PROOF,

Bea Aarnoutse - managing director
+31 6 21 844 402

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