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I truly hope that your 2019 has been as positive and enjoyable as ours. Over the past 12 months we have been nominated for a prize no less than 21 times – a record for PROOF. We also welcomed a wide and fascinating range of new Dutch clients, including the Rijksmuseum and Energie Beheer Nederland, and international clients such as MSD and Upfield. We're looking forward to delivering award-winning work with them.

In fact, based on the business chatter and discussions we have had this year, it appears that we will look back on 2019 as a pivotal year. The year in which employer branding and employee alignment went mainstream, becoming a permanent and normal fixture in business strategy. Obviously we are delighted by this (it's been our mantra for years), but business doesn't stand still, so here are a couple of suggestions for things you can do to win your war for talent and buff up your employer and internal brand in 2020:

  • Read our article on the five ways to stay ahead in the war for talent – you can find it here on Communication Director;
  • Check out the five employee journey trends that we think will be more crucial than ever in 2020 – see them here on Adformatie (in Dutch).

For now, and on behalf of everyone here at PROOF, I wish you happy holidays, a wonderful New Year and a successful 2020.

Bea Aarnoutse - managing director
+31 6 21 844 402

Curious to hear our story? You're always welcome at our office in the Veemarkt, in Amsterdam. Or to join one of our workshops, lectures or inspiration sessions in 2020. Find an overview of our classes at Nyenrode and programmes at HR Academy, EACD and NIMA here.
Mergers and acquisitions: what role should HR and Communications play and how can you involve employees effectively? Read an interview with PROOF's Wendy Bilsen and Sascha Becker on HR Praktijk (in Dutch).
How do you align employees with your ambition? On 22 January, Annette Visser, of VGZ, and PROOF's Wendy Bilsen talk about the successful internal branding concept 'Together we're sensibly busy' at health insurer VGZ in an 'enter the firm session' organised by Logeion. Apply now.
From talent to value – that's what the employee journey is all about. In the most recent issue of the international Communication Director magazine, Sascha shares how to take potential and current employees on a journey that both fulfils them and delivers organisational value.
A new addition to our team! Welcoming Caroline van der Weijden, who will join us in January as a senior project manager at the Veemarkt.
Want to be pictured on our couch? Feel free to write to us about the kind of work you are looking for and who knows, it could be you. Freelance or contract.
WORK Some highlights
Let's Create
How do you align 200+ employees with your strategy to build a future-proof and affordable campus? Read the case on how we helped Campus and Real Estate (CRE) of TU Delft university create an engaging kick-off event for its new creative concept: Let's Create.
Driven to improve
Read how we helped PARK NOW – the world's leading provider of innovative parking solutions – attract the right talent to shape the future of mobility, by creating a new careers site as an important first step in building a strong employer brand.
VGZ's heart for sensible care
Cooperative insurer VGZ has long been committed to improving health care in the Netherlands by making it more sensible and meaningful. Read how the successful strategy, dubbed internally 'Together, we are sensibly busy', has been warmly embraced by its staff, as powerfully demonstrated in the company's book of employee stories – 'Our heart for sensible care'.
Sascha on stage during the opening talk at the Employer Branding Summit 2019.
Wenda recording her online lecture as part of a new two-day HR Academy masterclass on the employee journey.
PROOF filming for water company and nature-conservation organisation PWN.
December festivities: celebrating Sinterklaas at the Veemarkt.
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