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If you accept that people are your most important form of capital and key to your success, then it follows that you need a well-thought-out employee journey. As Erik van de Loo, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and Professor of Leadership and Behaviour at TIAS, puts it: “Real value creation in an organisation calls for and connects with the dreams, experiences and energy of its employees. Always and everywhere.”

We believe that every organisation, whether B2B, B2C, government, small or large, can optimise the experience it offers its employees at every stage of their journey into, through and out of the organisation. The question is how. What can you do to create an optimal experience during your employee journey? What are the best practices and things to avoid? What have other organisations learned?

One way to stop wondering and start learning is to read the cases on our website or get in touch with us about one of our new workshops: EVP Development, Alignment and Storytelling.

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Sascha Becker, author of our latest book, The Employee Journey, has been interviewed by Dutch employer branding professional and author Marcel van der Quast. Listen to the podcast (in Dutch) and share your thoughts. Would you like to meet Sascha to discuss your employee journey? Get in touch:


Say hello to three new talents at PROOF: Chiara de Roon, Lyn Spooner and Madeline du Perron. Chiara comes on board as a junior strategist, Lyn as a strategist and Madeline strengthens Team PROOF as senior project manager.

WORK Some highlights
With the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) facing a fast-changing environment and celebrating its centenary in 2019, it’s a good time for a new strategy that will ensure it maintains and expands its authoritative position in the future. Read here how we helped bring it to life.
Holland Casino
With a clear and well-understood strategy, Holland Casino is on course to overcome its challenges. Or is it? Better check. The third Management Days event, co-created with PROOF, was a good way to identify, raise and discuss any issues.
Squeezed by security of supply issues, increasing demand and changing customer expectations, water utility company Vitens aims to become more data- and people-driven. Read how we worked together to align its employees behind the new strategic focus.
Storytelling workshop at the University of Amsterdam.
PROOF in action for PARK NOW.
The Employee Journey has been nominated for Management Book of the Year.
Nominations lead to prizes with five awards.
Whatever it takes to tell a great story
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