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Yes! The English edition of our new book, The employee journey – How to create a great employee experience, is out. You can order our book at (Dutch website, delivery only in the Netherlands and Belgium) or send us an email at

The Dutch version, published in September, quickly became a top-50 management book in the Netherlands. Better still are the many positive reviews and feedback it has received. Thank you. We believe our international clients will find the English version just as useful and inspiring – maybe even more so. After all, if you have offices in several countries or even on several continents, the challenge of creating a great employee experience is even tougher. At the same time, the potential impact is even more powerful.

As PROOF, we believe in global consistency and local relevance. The book captures the approach we take and will certainly get you on your way. But nothing beats having an objective outsider help you explore your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our Employee Journey Scan is a fairly new offering. We sit together with you to map out the most important contact moments between potential, current and former employees. Topics we cover include leadership, internal communication, professional learning and development, employee wellbeing, how empowering your work environment is and social dynamics.

Next, together we determine your greatest pain point and tackle that, while also developing short- and long-term action plans. Short term, it’s about getting the basics right – including your Employee Value Proposition – and delivering quick wins. Long term, the goal is to invest systematically (in the broadest sense, not just financially) in creating and maintaining a great employee experience for your organisation throughout the entire employee journey.

If you would like to know more, we would love to tell you. Get in touch with Sascha Becker or me.

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