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Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate the launch of our fifth book, The employee journey – How to create an awe-inspiring employee experience. It was a memorable evening: click here for the photos.

Successful organisations know that employees are their most important enabler to bring their business ambitions to life. That’s why they invest a lot of time and effort in managing the employee journey and creating a brand-consistent employee experience. From potential employees who are looking to make considered choices, through existing employees who are passionate and contribute to success, to former employees who become brand ambassadors.

It’s a big challenge and so we are proud of the number of organisations that have asked PROOF to help them optimise their employee journeys. For a taste of what we do, have a look at the projects we implemented for Randstad, Dynniq, VGZ and KLM. Curious to learn more about the employee journey, our latest book on the topic, or our work in general? Feel free to visit us at the Veemarkt, in Amsterdam. We’ll be happy to tell you more. Or subscribe to our LinkedIn company page.

Best wishes from everyone here at PROOF,

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PS: The English version of our latest book will be available in November. The Dutch version is out now and widely available, including on

OPINION We asked two top professionals to share their views on The Employee Journey – How to create an awe- inspiring employee experience. Here’s what they say. We would love to hear what you think as well. Please share your views on

Erik van de Loo,
Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and Professor of Leadership and Behaviour at TIAS
"Real value creation in an organisation always asks for and connects with the dreams, experience and energy of its employees. You can read how to do that in this book, which is an insightful and practical guide.

Jos Schut,
Chief Human Resources Officer, Randstad
"A well-considered employee journey is the key to success for every organisation. It’s only by focusing on your most important capital – the people who work at and for an organisation – that you can succeed as a company. It’s aligned employees who make a company, not the other way around. A strong employer brand and an integrated, and above all inspiring, employee experience are indispensable. This book provides a very complete picture of what is involved. Recommended!

Sascha Becker and Wenda Bolink, authors of our latest book, gave a PROOF Talk during the launch party. Missed it? Watch it here. Interested in meeting Sascha and/or Wenda to discuss your employee journey? Get in touch: |

WORK Some of our recent work
KLM wants to introduce a new learning and development programme for ground staff, including a personal development budget. But introducing a programme and getting people to take it up are often two different skills, so KLM asks PROOF to develop an activation programme. See what we did here.
Dynniq, a new brand in integrated mobility and energy solutions, needs to strengthen its position as an employer of choice among scarce university students. How do you make a big impact quickly? In this case our advice was to focus on ‘hero’ projects that would appeal to the target groups Dynniq wants to reach. Learn more here.
Introducing a new brand promise is no easy challenge in an organisation of 38,000 employees, 4,500 offices and activities in 39 countries. So when Randstad asks PROOF to help it introduce its new Human Forward positioning internally, we focus on a pragmatic, flexible, global and local-based approach that inspires employees to embrace the concept and align with it. Learn how here.
A new face at the Veemarkt: Heba, our wonderful new lunch coordinator.
Party on: relive the PROOF party – you’ll find all the pictures here.
PROOF in action: Marianne and Wendy at a safety training.
Messing about in boats: touring the Amsterdam canals with Veemarkt co-residents TOTE-M.
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