It’s party time!

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The employee journey: how to build an awe-inspiring experience.

This is the title of PROOF’s fifth book by our colleagues Wenda Bolink and Sascha Becker. It will be available from September in Dutch, and at the end of the year in English as well. And that seems to us like a great reason for a party!

Focussing on the employee journey has many benefits for organisations. It makes it easier to attract the right talent for your organization, existing employees are willing to put in more effort and ex-employees become ambassadors. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of how important their employees are and starting to act accordingly.

We have added a lot of great clients over the past few months. Clients who all want to improve their employee journey: from mapping it to focussing on improving specific touchpoints. That’s also something to celebrate 😉

We’d love it if you’d come and celebrate with us on Thursday, 13 September. Please let us know if you will be joining us via the link below.

Best wishes from all of us here at PROOF,

Bea Aarnoutse - managing partner
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On 13 September we’ll be holding a party in front of our office at the Veemarkt in Amsterdam. With good food, good music and good company, we’d love it if you’d be there to celebrate with us as well. RSVP here and we’ll keep you posted.


Why is there so much talk about the employee journey? And how do you put it into practice? Sascha Becker & Wenda Bolink answer five questions about the employee journey.

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