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We love role models not because we don’t know our stuff, but because they provide a great way to achieve change. After all, there’s a reason why role-modelling is one of the building blocks of McKinsey's influence model. That’s why we encourage our clients to look for role models. Real colleagues with good stories who demonstrate the right behaviours and do the right things.

Finding them, and finding ways to employ these role models, is never a big problem; the challenge is to continue to do so consistently. Role-modelling requires organisation and repetition to get the most out of it. But do it right and there is no better way to give future employees a better idea of where they are going to work than to hear about it from a future colleague.

We have lots of examples of how to make the most of role-modelling. Take a look at the cases in this newsletter and feel free to drop in to see us at the Veemarkt, in Amsterdam, where we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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WORK Some highlights:
The ambassadors of MN
MN has numerous ambassadors who are playing an important part in the organisation’s transformation. They share their experiences, question colleagues and generally promote change. And those with a passion for photography, film, writing or illustrating, capture everything that happens within MN.
An ode to the people of Dura Vermeer
Dura Vermeer employees are ‘waarmakers’ – achievers. From the company’s hard-working road crews and project masterminds to its dependable office teams, these people deliver innovative projects. They are the role models for Dura Vermeer.
Specialists as spokespeople
The #nietzonderjullie (not without you) employer brand campaign highlights how specialists at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek cancer hospital couldn’t do their work without their ‘invisible’ cohorts, the hospital’s nurses. Because the AVL’s specialists are often in the spotlight, the campaign features several of them to spotlight the importance of the oncology nurses’ work.

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