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Powerful leadership communications

The ideal employee experience and successful change programmes both depend on senior management making conscious choices and showing and sharing commitment. In other words, powerful leadership communications.

What gets said gets done

The more seriously top management takes the ideal employee experience, or the employee’s role in organisational change, the more priority these will get and the more successful they will be. For this, senior management and managers need to be able to attract, retain, engage, motivate, inspire and energise the right talent. They are responsible for creating the best possible empowering work environment. One in which employees can excel and the organisation can get the best out of the talent available. PROOF uses leadership communications to help organisations equip their leaders to do this successfully, with the right support and tooling. So leaders can claim their role, be a role model and lead others effectively.

Leaders show their people the way

When employees identify with an organisation’s beliefs and higher purpose, they connect with it. Equally, this sense of purpose is important when it comes to persuading employees to stay with the organisation. Here too, senior managers have an important role to play. They are the ones who give the organisation direction and, as such, should show what people need to do to help the organisation achieve its goals.

Unleash the power of persuasion

Actions speak louder than words, and this is especially true when it comes to leadership communications. What you say matters, but what you do matters more. Persuasive managers a), involve employees in the organisation’s story and b), implement it in their own department or team through specific projects and assignments. Doing this makes clear to employees how they can help the company achieve its goals, both as part of the team and as individuals. Managers are close to the work floor and have a huge influence on what happens there.

Want to work together?

We help you develop effective leadership communications that reflect your organisation’s needs and requirements, based on a tailored approach and genuine, two-way teamwork to get the best results.

Here are some examples of the support we offer:

  • Insights & stories: from formulating a clear leadership vision to helping leaders internalise the compelling story and share it with their teams.
  • Effective strategies: from helping C-level teams win management and employee support for their ambitions and priorities to developing an internal positioning approach for leaders.
  • Creative concepts & execution: from offering storytelling training and organising leadership events to producing print and digital content for and/or on behalf of leaders.

Learn more about how we work?

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