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A Jumbo-sized success?

Jumbo Supermarkets has been named as one of the finalists in the Dutch Marketing Awards 2016 for an internal branding campaign developed with PROOF.

The nomination in the category ‘Internal Branding Company of the Year’ is for a concept we created called ‘Wij van Jumbo houden van’ (rough translation: At Jumbo we love).

The aim was to communicate and share the Jumbo story and feeling to the 30,000 employees the company acquired when it took over a rival supermarket chain. Thanks to an innovative communication architecture, all 30,000 new Jumbo staff (plus its 15,000 existing ones) – from management to shop floor – were helped to get to know the Jumbo story, the company’s DNA, its shop formula and its 7 Pledges.

 The winner will be announced on 31 March and we’re obviously hoping for a huge success. Meantime, you can read the case here.

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