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Savvy employer branding

People are increasingly choosing employers they feel they can identify with, and whose purpose aligns with their own values. While salary and benefits remain important when choosing an employer, they are no longer the decisive factor among all the considerations in play, including organisational purpose, work-life balance and opportunities for learning and development. We therefore believe that savvy employer branding and a distinctive employer brand can boost your organisation’s position in the labour market.

The employee value proposition is your promise

EVP model
Employer branding – the art and science of building and implementing a strong and distinctive employer brand – helps organisations to attract talent. The first step in this is to develop an attractive but honest promise to current and potential employees – an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This promise must resonate with potential employees from their very first contact with your brand.

Touchpoints are crucial to employer branding

‘Loading’ an employer brand, through social media, your careers site, in your own employees’ networks, and at events and fairs, is not easy. In general, potential employees must encounter several of your organisation’s touchpoints before they decide to apply. Then, once someone is working for you, you need to live up to the promise you made before and during the application process.

Want to work together?

We help you develop an effective employer brand, that reflects your organisation’s needs and requirements, based on a tailored approach and genuine, two-way teamwork to get the best results.

Here are some examples of the support we offer:

  • Insights & stories: from developing an Employee Value Proposition based on in-depth qualitative interviews, to developing an employee love story and target-group-specific key messaging.
  • Effective strategies: from developing an employer branding strategy to creating a hands-on social media and media strategy (in co-creation with a recruitment marketing agency).
  • Creative concepts & execution: from developing an employer branding concept and employee ambassadors’ programme, to producing employer branding assets and content for your careers website.

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