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Every organisation wants an aligned workforce: employees who are both engaged and feel at home at work, give the best of themselves, and know how they can contribute to a shared ambition. Employees who use their dedication to live up to the promises made tcustomers. Today, in an increasingly digital, barrier-free world, employee alignment is key to customer satisfaction and long-term reputation of the organisation. 

As a rule, only part of any workforce is involved and aligned. Why? Because they are unsure of the strategy and goals, and don’t feel they are involvein shaping them. So, flip it around. Make your employees co-owners of the story and motivate them to achieve common goals. The result will be satisfied customers and shareholders.  

Employee alignment versus internal branding

Employee alignment is sometimes used interchangeably with internal branding, but they are not the same thing. Internal branding aims at sharing and embedding the organisation’s brand positioning and promise internally. Employee alignment is broader. It involves using multiple levers and tools from the employee journey, including internal branding, but also leadership, an empowering environment, social dynamics, and more. This builds engagement and helps employees to better understand their role, position and contribution to the organisation.

Focus and courage from Communications and HR

Working systematically on employee alignment requires focus and courage from both Communications and HR professionals. The essential thing is to share clear and relevant messages throughout the employee journey. Here, an internal branding programme can help create recognisability and commitment.

Want to work together?

We help our clients stimulate their employees to align their behaviours with the identity of the company and so create business value. We work with you to create winning employee alignment and internal branding programmes, that reflect your organisation’s needs and requirements, based on a tailored approach and genuine, two-way teamwork to get the best results.

Here are some examples of the support we offer:

  • Insights & stories: from analysing employee sentiment through in-depth qualitative interviews to developing compelling stories and target-group-specific key messaging.
  • Effective strategies: from developing a communications strategy to creating a hands-on communications plan, architecture and timing.
  • Creative concepts & execution: from developing an internal branding concept, formats and activations to organising (employee) events and producing communications assets and content (print and digital).

Learn more about how we work?

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