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A thousand square metres of creative working space spread across three converted workshops in Amsterdam Oost, close to the city centre. Until the late 1980s, cattle were transported by train from the market in nearby Purmerend, to the Veemarkt (Cattle Market) in Amsterdam. Mad Cow Disease put an end to that and the Veemarkt became a slightly dodgy trading estate. Today, 25 years later, the Veemarkt borders the rapidly gentrifying Indische Buurt area of the city, a hipster favourite.

The businesses in the Veemarkt range from a craft brewery, yoga school, garage, catering company and wine wholesaler, to the creative industry – including PROOF’s thousand square metres. Here, under a nearly five-metre-high roof that lets in loads of natural light, more than 30 professionals work in a largely hand-crafted space. From desks, dividers and kitchen to the bar, library and coat rack, most of the fixtures and fittings are handmade. Robust; just like the tapestry in Hall 1. A great place to work, meet, brainstorm and bounce ideas around, whether upstairs in the garden shed or on the grass, or downstairs on the sofa. when the sun’s shining, we roll up the garage door, put some tables outside and fire up the barbecue. And in bad weather, we can always enjoy a drink at our own bar!

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