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Effective change communication

Whether a change is big or small (a new way of working, more dialogue, new strategy, an M&Anew company values, a reorganisation, a new internal platform, etc), every change involves rewriting the company’s story to a greater or lesser degree. This is where change communication comes in. 

Organisational change requires a different mindset

When organisations change, their employees are often expected to adopt a different mindset and behaviour, which is why every organisation that is planning to change its story needs to think about employee alignment. In our experience, change programmes often cause emotional turmoil among employees. They ask employees to step out of their comfort zone and create uncertainties about their job and what is expected of them. This is enhanced by the fact that, during a transition, employees only experience the changes, not the eventual benefits.

Strategic and consistent communication are key

Today, change is a given across organisations and sectors. Embracing learning agility and a mentality open to change are therefore more important than ever – and employees need to be supported in this to make a change successfully.

Effective change communication is key. Employees need to understand the why, how and what of the planned change. By taking a coherent approach, an organisation can draw its employees into its new story with role models, structures, processes, systems and personal development programmes that support the changes they are being asked to make.

Want to work together?

We help our clients work on their change levers so employees can contribute to bringing their organisation’s new ambitions to life. We can help you set up an effective change communication programme that reflects your needs and requirements, based on a tailored approach and genuine, two-way teamwork to get the best results.

Here are some examples of the support we offer:

  • Insights & stories: from analysing employee sentiment through in-depth qualitative interviews to developing compelling change stories and target-group-specific key messaging.
  • Effective strategies: from developing a change communication strategy to creating a hands-on communications plan, architecture and timing.
  • Creative concepts & execution: from developing a creative concept, formats and activations to organising events and producing change communications assets and content (print and digital).

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