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Upside down

For the customer, the first 90 days of contact with Ziggo are crucial. It is in this period that the interaction between the customer and Ziggo is most intensive. To improve the service that customers receive during those first 90 days, Ziggo Customer Operations launched a campaign: Ziggo op z’n kop (‘Ziggo upside down’). By involving all its employees, Ziggo aims to improve the customer experience within 90 days.

Who’s the boss?
In Ziggo op z’n kop, the employees are put in charge because, after all, they can best improve the way customers are helped. They speak with customers on a daily basis and know what’s relevant. To improve the customer experience, employees literally turn Ziggo upside down, with team leads facilitating customer service employees, managers facilitating team leads, and directors facilitating managers. Employees who interact with customers every day provide Ziggo with the know-how and urgency to improve the customer experience. They are the champions of Ziggo op z’n kop.

 Make it visual
Ziggo op z’n kop is driven by an intriguing and fun campaign that addresses each step of the customer journey: ordering, installing, first use, glitches and billing. The internal campaign is kicked off by Ruben Uppelschoten, VP Customer Operations, who announces the campaign literally hanging upside down. Visual communications are also literally upside down, like the kick off film Ziggo op z’n kop.

Speaking the truth
Managers and team leaders are told of the campaign goals and methods during a leadership summit. Ruben Uppelschoten introduces a new philosophy: ’If you want your organization to be truly customer centric, the people who actually deal with customers should be in charge.’ During the summit, it quickly becomes clear what he means. Five courageous employees speak their mind to a room full of leaders. One example is particularly striking: An IT employee asks those present why it is taking so long for him to provide service engineers with new laptops that would enable them to help customers much more efficiently. His manager is called up onto the stage, and then his manager, until the problem is traced to a decision by Ruben Uppelschoten himself. Ruben immediately takes action, solving this concrete problem.

Promoting improvements up the chain
To promote improvements up the chain of command more quickly, each team is asked to forward a top 3 list of suggestions to their managers. These discuss all suggestions, and forward their top 3 further up the chain. And so on, all the way to the top. This results in a broadly supported and vetted list of improvements ready for Ruben Uppelschoten and his team to implement. Employees feel that they have a voice and communication about their suggestions is transparent and visible. Crucially, they are also given clear feedback on why certain suggestions cannot (yet) be implemented.

The correct focus
Ziggo op z’n kop is a success. The way of working has shifted from process to customer driven. Processes are no longer allowed to disrupt the customer experience. Initiatives and methods created specifically for Ziggo op z’n kop are now fixtures within the organization. Most importantly, the business is clearly focused where it should be: the customer.


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