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You get it sorted

If you work in a specialist field like engineering, ICT, oil and gas or finance – or want to – you’ve likely heard of Brunel. A leader in professional staffing and recruitment, the company has over 100 offices in 37 countries, employs over 11,00 people and had a turnover of €1.2 billion in 2015. So it’s big, complex, ambitious and growing. Just the kind of client we love to help.

Brunel serves two markets: supra-national industries and sectors, and specific countries. These include the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Canada, and it was in this context that Brunel came to PROOF. The company’s Dutch operation needed to fill 44 sales consultant positions with specialist university graduates. Brunel asked PROOF to develop a campaign that would appeal to the best talent out there and further strengthen the company’s employer brand in general.


Do what you’re good at
The target audience was young, smart and cool. So we devised an original campaign that focused on the key natural skill that makes a successful sales consultant: the ability to get things done. The name of the creative concept, ‘Jij regelt het wel’, (roughly, ‘You get it sorted’), says it all, and the creative work hooks into the world of the people we’re seeking. For example: ‘Are you the one who always scores tickets when the festival’s sold out? Then we’re looking for you! Use your sales skills to sort a top job at Brunel’.


The primary channel is online. Banners on Facebook and LinkedIn link to a landing page at Internally, we use similar campaign lines to challenge ‘Brunellers’ to suggest candidates and claim a reward.


Sort the job in 60 secs
The landing page both tells a bit about the job and sets a challenge: ‘regel die baan in 60 sec’ (‘sort out a job in 60 secs’) by making a short video pitch. The page also contains elevator pitches from Brunellers talking about what they find great about their work. Of course, you can also make an old school application by uploading a CV and covering letter.


Fast and effective
Working closely with the client, PROOF delivered the concept and creative work within two weeks. More importantly, the reactions are positive. The campaign is young, fresh, answers an acute recruitment need and contributes to a strong employer brand.

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