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Working at PGGM

PGGM is about more than just earning money. As a cooperative pension administrator, PGGM manages approximately 178 billion euros in pension capital on behalf of five pension funds. It also develops ancillary pension, medical, housing and employment services for employers and their 675,000-plus members in the care and welfare sector. By linking together these sectors, PGGM is helping to shape a value-added future.

This mission is fully endorsed, contributed to and disseminated by the company’s employees, who therefore always have several reasons for working at PGGM. That’s because PGGM offers new talent the scope to flourish and develop in all regards, and to contribute to a value-added future. From investment bankers to call centre teams, and from financial to ICT specialists. All this makes PGGM something of a hidden treasure: one that can be further opened up through the new ‘working at’ website.

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