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What would you choose?

Dutch energy company Eneco is in transition as the Netherlands’ move to renewables demands major changes of its energy companies. Eneco Group asked PROOF to help it to align its employees around this fundamental and essential process.

Big, hairy, audacious change, to coin a phrase, only succeeds when everyone clearly understands both where they have come from as an organisation, and where they are headed. In Eneco’s case, the process started by announcing an apparently subtle, but in reality significant, shift in Eneo’s mission: from ‘duurzame energie voor iedereen’ to ‘duurzame energie van iedereen’ (sustainable energy for everyone to sustainable energy by everyone).

Introducing a new mission is one thing, but how do you persuade all employees, at all levels in the organisation, to then live it? We suggested a series of activation events and supporting activities that would inspire people to get involved. When you trigger people to stand up, take part and share their results, you reach the parts of an organisation that traditional communication typically doesn’t touch. The activities generate great stories, discussions and practical examples that, in Eneco’s case, we used it as content for a variety of communication channels and tools, including the renewed and renamed internal magazine.

Trigger: What would you choose?
The first trigger – called ‘Waar zet jij op in?’ or ‘What would you choose?’ – begins with all employees being told they are to receive a fictive €10,000. They can either invest in their colleagues’ ideas to help Eneco Group make the necessary transition. Or, they can submit their own ideas in the hope of raising enough starting capital to see it realised. Every colleague, every team and every department is invited to pitch ideas.

Next, the ideas that attract the biggest investments go through to a finale in which the Eneco board puts real money behind a number of the winning projects. This results in over 50 ideas making the final, of which at least five will be realised. The first success is in!

Activity: Lunch Match
Another activity is the Lunch Match, whose aim is to foster a stronger connection between employees and departments. The idea is beautifully simple: employees sign up for a Lunch Match and are then randomly matched with a colleague for lunch. During this, they get to know each other – and each other’s work – better.

PUUR becomes LINK!
For years, Eneco’s PUUR magazine has played a big part in Eneco’s internal communication. But with the company changing, it is time to rethink the formula. The result is LINK, an all-new magazine that celebrates the things that connect people, ideas and results, both within and outside Eneco. The stories published in LINK are mostly told by employees. PROOF is responsible for the design and the editorial formula of the magazine. Eneco’s intranet, where the stories also appear, now goes under the same name.




Final ‘What would you choose?’


Activation Lunch match


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