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Dura Vermeer
Waarmakers (Achievers) – the film

“Look there! And there! And here, around the corner.” Wherever you look, you see what Dutch construction giant Dura Vermeer does every day. Homes and buildings for people to live in and work in, and thousands of kilometres of asphalt and rails that enable people move from one part of the country to another. Whether it’s houses, offices, roads, railway lines, bridges, or even moving a dyke in the city of Nijmegen: Dura Vermeer makes things happen.

The company has set out a clear ambition: to be a top-three innovator in its industry. And this family business isn’t waiting until the construction and engineering world reinvents itself – it’s taking the lead. The company has formulated clear strategic goals aimed at making it more professional, ambitious and innovative – without losing the feeling of togetherness that typifies the company. The strategy requires employees who will challenge, inspire and support each other. Professionals and career starters who understand the technologies and techniques that are going to make the difference for Dura Vermeer. In other words, the strategy calls for ‘Waarmaker’s (Achievers).

This theme, ‘Waarmakers’, forms the basis of the concept that PROOF and Dura Vermeer launch within the organisation. The idea is a nod to Dura Vermeer’s payoff: ‘waarmaken van ambities’, or ‘making ambitions come true’. The first step in making ambitions come true is to ensure that every employee knows, embraces and actively contributes to the company’s strategy and goals. The concept therefore focuses on highlighting the employees who are responsible for ensuring projects run smoothly – the true achievers of the company’s ambitions – and the projects themselves.

The success of the concept depends on it winning the full support of the organisation. And this starts with management. The concept launch therefore takes the form of a film featuring the company’s four Board members. Not interviews in an office, but out and about, visiting a number of iconic Dura Vermeer projects in and around Amsterdam. En route, they talk passionately, proudly and enthusiastically about Dura Vermeer’s strategy and how they want to work with everyone in the organisation to achieve the company’s ambitions.

As well as the film, all 2,600 Dura Vermeer employees are given a small booklet containing extra information. The booklet describes in clear and simple terms the company’s ambitions and strategic goals, and employees are invited to share any questions they may have, plus their own examples of own iconic and successful Dura Vermeer projects. The company’s Board members answer the most important questions.

Making ambitions comes true
The launch of ‘Waarmakers’ marks a massive step along the road to achieving the company’s ambitions. The mindset is to act, not wait, as you would expect of a true family business. It’s how the company has succeeded over the last 160 years, and it’s how, as one of the most innovative firms in its industry, it will continue to succeed in the future.

Booklet about the film, the ambitions and goals and the employee role

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