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Alles Kan (Everything’s Possible)

Making VodafoneZiggo one company
In 2016, Vodafone and cable operator Ziggo announced plans to merge their operations in the Netherlands. By the start of 2017, the deal was done. For Ziggo, it was the second major change, following a merger with UPC, in 2015. So it’s big news. But it’s also just the start. As the media interest fades, the real work awaits: turning VodafoneZiggo into one company. And that begins internally.

PROOF’s involvement in this process focuses on the newly combined Customer Operations department. The challenge is to further the integration of its 7,000 employees and ensure that they 1), know each other, and 2), also understand how each person can add mutual value for customers.

Everything for the client
So we developed an internal campaign: Alles Kan (Everything’s Possible) at VodafoneZiggo. The crux is having the right mindset. Believing that, by working together, there are no limits on what VodafoneZiggo can do for its customers. That results and enjoying your work go hand in hand. That it’s better to think in solutions rather than limitations – especially when it involves something as essential as customer service.

The internal campaign begins with a teaser that aims to draw all the company’s employees into the world of VodafoneZiggo Customer Operations. Eye-catching posters and narrowcasting show and tell how one team member can complement another.

Leaders as drivers
The Alles Kan campaign is officially launched at the first Customer Operations leaders day, during which the issues for the coming year are sketched out, namely, where are we going and how? Discussions cover the crucial role managers play, and there is time for the new department’s leaders to get to know each other. The message people take away from this is that ‘we are going to do this together’. And that everything is possible.

Game show
The centrepiece of the day is the Alles Kan game show, with knowledge tests, puzzles and games covering important topics in the new VodafoneZiggo. The competitors are mixed teams from Vodafone and Ziggo. The audience, too, is mixed, and plays a role by providing a ‘lifeline’ for their teams. While there’s a serious undertone to the game show, there is a lot of laughter, too.

It’s a hit: the 300 people present play an active part in the game show, and the leaders score the day as a whole with an 8.2 – which is very high given the phase the new company is in.

Successful formula
Testing each other’s mutual knowledge while also learning about each other’s products and the new service strategy, proves to be a successful formula that can be extended to the workplace. Managers work with teams on the shared future of VodafoneZiggo using, among other techniques, the Alles Kan knowledge quiz, which all employees can enter for a chance to win a place in the national finals.

Using gamification to extend knowledge with the Alles Kan knowledge quiz
The first step to serving the new company’s customers is for its former Vodafone and Ziggo employees to know each other and have a better understanding of their respective worlds. And what better way to do this than by using gamification? The Alles Kan knowledge quiz was created in close collaboration with Knowledge & Learning, and forms an excellent addition to its ‘standard’ range of e-learning programmes and classroom training. The game enables VodafoneZiggo to work on team building while, at the same time, employees can extend their knowledge while also being actively triggered to get to know their ‘other half’.

VodafoneZiggo is on course for a successful future in which everything is possible.




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