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Insurance cooperative Univé consists of a Central Organisation (CO) and a number of Regional Univé entities (RUs). Univé faces the challenge of maintaining and strengthening its competitive position in a market that is increasingly populated by new players. To this end, it has developed a new strategy with associated brand values: Together, Self-Sufficient and Close To You.

In June 2013, PROOF devised the internal branding concept Welcome, to roll out Univé’s strategy and give the brand values meaning for its staff. ‘Welcome’ [Welkom] stands for the mind-set that matches Univé and which is needed to deliver the company’s promises to its customers and to consolidate its reputation of being an understanding and reliable insurer.

‘Welcome’ was introduced during a special employer meetings of the CO and with a special made film in which employees of the CO and RUs cooperated. All employees received a ‘Welcome’ bulletin and a brand booklet, explaining the new brand values. And managers were given a toolkit to get down to work with their teams. Subsequently, during a special management meeting for the CO and RUs, the concept was also presented to managers within the RU’s.

The Welcome initiative will use a communications architecture focusing on specific target groups. The ‘Welcome’ bulletin, which brings together news from the CO and RUs and discusses strategic matters, will be distributed at regular intervals. Autumn 2014 an interactive and social intranet has also been introduced for ongoing dialogue and cooperation.

At the beginning of 2014, Univé launched a number of external campaigns for vehicle, household and medical insurance. Internally, we have grouped these campaigns under the ‘Welcome’ umbrella. We are introducing the campaign ‘Our members deserve more Univé’ with a direct appeal to employees: ‘How would you make more Univé?’ The aim of the activation drive is first, to impress the importance of the external campaign on employees, and second, to create internal awareness of the urgent need to take appropriate commercial steps. The activation drive will kick off by the executive director of the cooperative, with an email to all employees, a presentation to all managers of the CO. And with a special issue of the ‘Welcome’ bulletin entitled ‘How would you make more Univé films?’ together with stories and posters of internal ambassadors of the campaign.

Welkom is a mentality that fits Univé and is necessary to deliver the promise in relation to clients. It enhances the engaging and trustworthy reputation of the insurer.


Employees are approached and are asked to actively contribute regarding ‘Welkom‘ and what it means for them.

Visual Language
has his own strong and recognizable imagery.

The kwartaalkrant is a newspaper for employees that explains the changes.

Employees act as ambassadors and share their stories. They explain what they did for clients and ask others to contribute as well. That way employees stay aware of their crucial part in fulfilling the external promise.

Posters ‘Our members deserve more Univé’

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