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The new NEMO

The opening of a new roof-top exposition is the ideal moment to present the new visual identity and campaign for NEMO Science Museum. The goal is to increase recognition of NEMO as the institute that brings science and technology to the wider public.

NEMO Science Museum is the public face of the NEMO organisation, which has many more activities, names and brands. One of these is the popular know-how platform Kennislink. NEMO is well known as a ‘hands on’ family oriented museum full of exhibits on science and technology. Based in a striking building, imagined by architect Renzo Piano, just minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. Together with Studio Dumbar PROOF (re)defined NEMO’s fundamental values. PROOF took responsibility for positioning, Dumbar for brand strategy and corporate identity. The result is a single recognizable brand with a uniform visual style for NEMO Science Museum and NEMO Kennislink.

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