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The Great Growth Months

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Employee alignment

The new strategy of SNS is clear: the bank wants to create an even greater social impact by paying attention to people who want to grow, especially now. So SNS will think with you about how you can purchase a house, follow a particular training course or start your own business. And maybe it won’t have an immediate solution for you, but the bank will see and hear you and will think with you about your growth.

This, in a nutshell, captures both what the repositioning of SNS is all about and the central message of its new external campaign. At the same time, this new brand positioning demands a lot from employees and managers as they have to deliver what SNS is now promising.

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SNS focuses on all aspects of growth

With the starting point in mind that you let customers 'grow' better if you like to 'grow' yourself - PROOF developed inspiring communication under the name ‘The Great Growth Months'. The idea: to shine a spotlight on employee growth and stimulate it. During a live online talk show with all employees, the bank’s management presented the new strategy and associated brand values, and threw the session open to questions. This was followed up by distributing some surprising toolkits to managers. These enabled managers to organise team ‘growth sessions' and ‘growth meters’ that employees could hang up at home and fill in with personal ‘growth goals’. In this way, SNS ensures that every SNS employee embraces attention to growth as a strategy and promotes it with conviction.

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