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Team SVB

Doing it together
For over 100 years, the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (Social Insurance Bank) has paid out social security and national insurance benefits for Dutch citizens in the Netherlands and around the world. However because of commercialisation and the shift of many responsibilities to local authorities, the organisation faced big challenges.

The Inner Entrepreneur
The SVB has set itself the goal of being the leading organisation for managing payments linked to Dutch national insurance and social security programmes. The deadline is 2016 and requires major changes, including a big shift in employees’ attitudes and behaviours.

Involve. Change.
PROOF developed an internal change strategy – ‘Team SVB, together, learning, doing’ – that involved employees in the change process. The concept was easy to understand, made it clear that the future asked for new attitudes and new behaviours, and motivated staff to make a constructive contribution to achieving SVB’s ambition.

Kick off. Keep kicking
PROOF also developed tools to facilitate this internal change. These included a management day and employee event to kick off ‘Team SVB, together, learning, doing’, a special newspaper for employees, assignments that managers could use to involve and motivate their teams, a special page on the intranet, a special newsletter to involve and inspire managers, and the active distribution of inspiring staff stories.






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