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As a preferred employer, how do you attract target groups who don’t think of you as a preferred employer? That’s the question at the heart of Rabobank’s approach to recruiting ICT and other specialists. The answer? Content.

The aim is to introduce individuals who have a latent interest to the world of Rabobank, by presenting them with a wide range of content that ties in with their own interests and motivations. All this is brought together on Raboworkx, an experience platform where Rabobank presents its ideas in many different forms. The site uses intuitive navigation, pulling up content that ties in automatically with your interests. Video is an important part of this. Depending on the content, we invite the target group to add their own ideas, visions and/or opinions to the Raboworkx site. This makes them a part of the experience… leading to the logical follow-on question: will you become part of Rabobank?

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