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It’s different

The need for more ICT specialists at Rabobank is high, and this will continue to be so in the years to come. MADE BY JACK therefore devised various tools to boost the recruitment of ICT specialists for Rabobank, including an image campaign, an animation film, an interactive video and a digital magazine.

It’s different
Using the slogan ‘It’s different’ as a springboard, Rabobank is positioning itself as a challenging ICT employer where ICT specialists can meaningfully immerse themselves in the breadth and depth of the subject. The image campaign is conducted entirely online, and specifically targets platforms that are popular with ICT specialists. Incentivising and initially anonymous banners encourage the target group to find out more about Rabobank as an ICT challenge. This leads them to a number of surprising cases at, which show that ICT at Rabobank really is ‘different’.


X-box tool
The first recruitment tool ever on the X-box: The security case trailer.

Dealingroom case: banner

Online take-over

Firefly – banners
Roll-over banners that open a mini website when clicked.

Firefly – Mini site
You don’t leave the site, but a content-site is opened in which the banner is shown.

Online Campagne

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