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The Sum Of Its Talents

KPMG provides a home for talented people with diverse competencies. Its teams are continually changing, and these teams comprise clients as well as colleagues. KPMG combines know-how and expertise to overcome challenges and celebrate successes together – creating a team spirit that gives the firm strength and which cannot be found elsewhere. KPMG is just a great place to work.

But these are all things you know when you work there. What about when you don’t? This led KPMG to PROOF. The request: Help us to share the feeling inside with the outside world, and to develop a high-impact employer brand.

KPMG is about we, not me

KPMG is not about ‘me’, but about ‘us’. This makes the firm unique, and it’s one reason why clients and employees choose KPMG. They want to be part of the team. An inspiring team that is driven to overcome complex issues along with the client. A team in which successes are celebrated together. So we decide to emphasise this in our employer branding campaign, so that even more talents will choose to join KPMG.

Adding up its talent

The concept PROOF develops is called ‘KPMG, the sum of its talents’. The campaign’s key visual is a group photograph of real KPMG people – the people who form the sum of its talents. These team players invite potential colleagues to strengthen their teams, teams you can learn more about on a special ‘working at’ site. There, each of the six teams highlights a special project it has been involved in. In this way, potential employees can learn more about what it’s really like to work at KPMG.

Social media first

The campaign is promoted through targeted social media. Everyone who responds to an ad is later sent vacancies that match their skills and interests. On Instagram, meanwhile, KPMG brings the ‘sum of talents’ concept to life with Instagram Stories. During the campaign, one KPMG employee a week takes over KPMG’s corporate Instagram account. These employees are chosen from the functions with the greatest recruitment need, like Technology. By asking questions and suggesting assignments to the employee of the week, the projects, USPs, ambitions and culture of KPMG are brought to life. At the end of the week, the employee invites their followers to learn more by coming by for a visit.


Campaign image consisting of a group photo ‘A sum of talents’ showing teams with an inspiring case

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