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De dag van de kracht (Power day)

Proof of regional ties
Cooperative insurance company Univé is at the heart of Dutch society. To prove this in deed as well as word, Univé and PROOF organise ‘De dag van de kracht’ (‘Power day’).

The morning is dedicated to helping people prevent and limit risks. Univé employees from head office and all 12 regional Univé organisations set out to help their local neighbourhoods. Power moves include distributing smoke alarms, tidying up parks, road safety actions, checking tyre pressures, ‘thief-proofing’ mobile phones, and more.

Party for all staff
At the end of the afternoon, all Univé employees come together for a spectacular event. The goal: to reflect on the things that make Univé strong, and to create pride, trust and motivation among employees. A party dedicated to the ‘power of Univé’, which is also the name of the company’s internal communication concept.

The party, in Apeldoorn, is set up as a festival and includes live music – largely provided by employees’ own bands – DJs, food trucks, cabaret, workshops, and, of course, the expected ‘Strong Examples’ from the Univé band, the company’s innovation lab and Cinema Univé.

Throughout the day, ‘Powerhouse employee-ambassadors’ create fun content for social media, for the company’s intranet and the in-company app. This ranges from live reports with vlogs to hilarious photos. Afterwards, we made a compilation that was distributed to all employees.

Some 1,500 staff came together in Apeldoorn and the reactions were very enthusiastic. The power of Univé was made visible, tangible and danceable on De dag van de kracht!

Univé helps

De dag van de kracht (Power day) – Univé party



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