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Ons water. Jouw werk. (Our water. Your work.)

Vitens’ 1400 employees ensure that 5.7 million people in the Netherlands enjoy clean drinking water whenever they turn the tap, 24/7. Doing so means overcoming challenges involving extraction, purification and supply. Now Vitens is working with PROOF to strengthen its employer brand and so find the entrepreneurial professionals it will to ensure it can continue to supply this basic necessity in the future.

Mini stories
Vitens is fairly unknown as an employer. Moreover, many people know nothing of the hidden yet fascinating world that brings water to their tap. We decide to change this.

The employer branding concept we develop – “Ons water. Jouw werk.” (Your water. Our work.) – focuses on revealing the interesting business and societal challenges you face when you work at Vitens. There are three central themes: supplying water during a drought (1), the pollution of clean water sources (2) and the 24/7 availability of drinking water (3).

Within each theme, we share mini stories with different target groups. These stories set out a problem, the consequences and the solution. For example: “hot summers”, “extreme water consumption”, “thanks to your technical skills”, “continuing to have fun in the water” and “our water, your work”.



Target group motivation
The campaign focuses on skilled technical and ICT/data target groups, plus highly trained specialists and is based on research into what motivates them. From this, it emerges that salary and working conditions matter, but so too do autonomy, big challenges and opportunities to develop. More and more people also want to work for an organisation that operates in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Vitens ticks the right boxes, something we make clear with the campaign.


Campaign rollout
We develop banners, social advertisements and testimonials for these target groups featuring current Vitens employees. The company’s “working at” website – – is also brought into line with the concept and used to explain the opportunities for new employees (Ons bedrijf. Jouw kansen. (Our company. Your opportunities.)) and what it is like to work there (Onze medewerkers. Jouw nieuwe collega’s. (Our employees. Your new colleagues.)). We also include five reasons to work at Vitens and, of course, you can find vacancies here as well (Onze banen. Jouw sollicitatie. (Our jobs. Your application.)).


Paying attention to the complete employee journey
The challenges facing Vitens also require internal change. The company is transforming from a traditional water company to a data-driven and people-driven one. Having previously developed the concept “Samen in de stroomversnelling” (accelerating together), we are now working with Vitens to alilgn its people and further embed the company’s strategic focus within the organisation.



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