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NN Bank
mijn bank

Building a new bank from the inside out
NN Bank was formed in 2013 as a result of a merger between WestlandUtrecht Bank and insurer Nationale-Nederlanden.

Merging cultures

The merger creates a new bank in the Dutch market. However, the bank faced the challenge of not just merging two corporate cultures, but of building something new, from inside out, step-by-step, and involving 1,100 staff in the process.

Common purpose

A crucial aspect of the process is that employees feel involved in and share the experience of building the bank together. With this strategic consideration in mind, we created the ‘My Bank’ internal communications concept. This was designed to increase the involvement of NN Bank employees by informing them of the new strategy and encouraging them to be part of building a new future, and so build the bank like it was their own.

You. You. And you.

Together with NN bank we developed a range of tools including a breakfast session for the management and a live game show for all employees. The new corporate story was told in a film featuring bank staff, customers and experts. Other tools created by NN Bank included newsletters and interactive webcasts.

‘My Bank’ emphasises the common tie that binds everyone in the organisation and the part they play in building the future story.


Live Game show


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