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A future-proof house

MN handles the pension administration for more than 2 million members and approximately 38,000 employers. MN is a renowned pension administration, institutional asset manager and an insurance administrator for various clients in the metal industry.

MN has asked PROOF to help with the implementation of its change programme NextBlu. NextBlu symbolises the ‘blue collar worker’ and represents the members in the manufacturing industry and maritime sector. It is MN’s goal to build a future-proof ‘house’ for its members of several pension funds, such as: PME, the Pension Fund Metalworking and Engineering Industry (PMT) and the Dutch Merchant Navy’s Company Pension Fund (Bpf Koopvaardij).

Starting point: the Foundation
Like all houses, MN’s house is built on a strong foundation. This metaphor is the starting point for ‘Our Foundation’. In Our Foundation, MN has formulated and visualised its renewed mission, vision and core values. Our Foundation is straightforward, making it a useful tool to define what MN stands for and where MN is headed. The to-the-point definitions explain MN’s ambitions and goals. PROOF develops several assets to bring Our Foundation to life, such as the NextBlu film. In the film, CEO René van Kieft and different members of MN talk about their wishes and expectations of the transition MN is in. Each scene of the film symbolises a different building block. Together all the blocks form the foundation of the renewed MN.

Bringing the house to life
To bring the renewed MN to life, we built a literal house. A steel construction symbolizes the sectors MN operates in. Different styles of building blocks, such as a classic steel construction, modern 3D print, hi-tech and plastic built the Foundation and tell MN’s corporate story. The board was asked to design the first building blocks. Now all employees are encouraged to add their building block. Together, MN builds a future-proof house.

Employees make the house visible
Managers are the leading role models in MN’s transition. It is important for them to be aware of their role. Therefore, we facilitate them with the right information and tools. MN also has many ambassadors, who play an important part in the transformation. The ambassadors share their personal experiences, confront their colleagues with critical questions and are promoters of change. Newsmakers, with a passion for photography, film, writing or illustrating, capture everything that happens within MN.

Embracing NextBlu
The renewed NextBlu movement was launched during an employee meeting. The NextBlu film was shown and employees received their own Our Foundation building block. The steel construction, the physical representation of the house, was also revealed. This is just the beginning. With different assets and various activations, we keep motivating employees to continue to develop and contribute to NextBlu. It is not enough for employees just to know what NextBlu stands for. For MN to realise its goals, employees must embrace the change and act accordingly.


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