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Intertrust employs more than 2,400 people in 30 countries, and is a leader in financial services. Like other companies, Intertrust depends on having a strong employer brand to be able to attract the right talent at the right moment. In an industry whose reputation has taken some knocks and in which competition is fierce, Intertrust needs to stand out and explain to potential and current employees what it is that makes working for the company unique. And what better way to do that than to have real employees share real stories?

To help with this, PROOF was asked to inspire the company’s ambassadors, and train them in the best way to craft and tell their personal Intertrust stories.

Huge internal pride
Intertrust began by creating an ambassadors’ programme to bring the company’s story to life both internally and externally. An internal appeal for ambassadors led to eight people being chosen. Eight employees who are keen to share their enthusiasm for working at Intertrust, and want to inspire their colleagues to share their stories as well, so giving the outside world a unique, honest, and appealing insight into Intertrust as organisation and employer.

With this goal in mind, the programme ensures the ambassadors are trained and supported so they can tell their own Intertrust stories in way that is positive and inspiring. They talk about what Intertrust does, how and why, and for whom. And each story includes personal examples and experiences.

Storytelling workshops
In a workshop, PROOF uses a range of powerful examples to lead the ambassadors through the world of storytelling. They learn about the basics of storytelling and apply them in various exercises. Once they have their own Intertrust stories down  on paper, we organise a workshop on creative content production. With some handy tips and tricks to employ, and a brief explanation of how to use online tools, the ambassadors translate their stories into appealing photographs and videos.

A call to tell your story
As well as providing training, we also have a cameraman at the workshops to film the ambassadors’ stories and conduct short interviews. The first stories are then shared with colleagues, during a quarterly employee meeting at which Intertrust invites other employees to share their personal Intertrust stories.

To help them in this, PROOF and Intertrust put together a booklet called ‘Your Guide to Storytelling’, and both booklet and films are made available in ‘Story Box’, a section on the company’s intranet.

The call is greeted enthusiastically, filling the Story Box with dozens of stories. Teams, too, are encouraged to get involved by issuing them a challenge: ‘Tell Your Team Story’. The best three films are then shown at the next town hall meeting.

The combination of enthusiastic employees and their sense of commitment results in entertaining, inspiring, creative – and above all real stories.

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