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Hart/d vooruit

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Employee alignment

As a staffing agency with more than 500 employees in around 100 branches across the Netherlands, Start People has a unique mission: to make sure everyone has promising opportunities. For clients, this means finding the right talent for them. And for temporary employees, it means guiding them from job to job. As a results-driven organisation that is deeply socially committed, Start People wants to grow stronger and show that commitment – which is at the very heart of the company – even more.

‘Hart/d vooruit’

PROOF developed a creative concept to help Start People achieve its goal: ‘Hart/d vooruit’. This is a play on words in Dutch, combining ‘hart’ (heart) with ‘hard’ (in this context, fast). The concept combines the ideas of ‘heart forward’ with ‘fast forward’, powerfully bringing together the organisation’s ‘social heart’ and the need to progress in terms of commercial results.

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90-day rhythm

To bring the concept to life within the organisation, we introduced a 90-day rhythm. Each 90 days kicks off with a leadership day focused on strengthening connections between participants. This is followed by an interactive online talk show for all employees: each time different guests take a seat at the table and look back and forward. After the talk show, teams in the branches hold a dialogue about ‘Hard/t vooruit’, using a new process every time.

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