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Medisch Spectrum Twente
Good. Better. MST.


In the fast-changing healthcare industry, top clinical hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) faces many challenges. The hospital has suffered financial losses and has been working on a cost-reduction programme for several years. Today, results are positive again, but this has asked a lot of employees, who are now ready to look forwards.

Through its strategy for 2018-2022, MST is preparing itself for the future. The hospital asked PROOF to help embed its strategy internally and align all employees. To achieve this, PROOF developed the concept Goed. Beter. MST. (Good. Better. MST.). This concept is a direct expression of the strategy, which – with a sense of realism – focuses entirely on making improvements. And in which the development of and focus on employees goes hand in hand with the focus on patients as people.

Reflecting with leaders
The first step in executing the concept was a leadership conference where leaders, together with the Board of Directors, reflected on the new strategy and what is needed to achieve the organisation’s objectives. To help leaders translate the strategy for employees, they received a toolkit. This included a PowerPoint presentation about the strategic agenda, a simplified ‘strategy on a page’ visual, and an employee magazine ‘SAMEN’ (‘TOGETHER’) explaining and demonstrating the strategic pillars. In a short vlog, the CEO also shared the strategy in his own words.

Kick-off with all employees
PROOF developed a format for MST’s annual summer party set up like a festival. The festival was fully in the style of Goed. Beter. MST. A Goed. Beter. MST.wall of fame featured employees as the stars who can bring the strategy to life. A ‘babble box’ allowed employees to talk about what Goed. Beter. MST. means to them personally, and vlogger Marloes – a nurse at MST – asked colleagues about their views on Goed. Beter. MST. At the end of the party, everyone received the ‘SAMEN’ magazine and a Dopper water bottle featuring the typical Twente saying ‘Dat hej je mooi doan!’ (‘You’ve done a great job!’).

Underpinned by employee stories
Following the kick-off, PROOF created a central hub on the intranet for all communications about the strategy. The results of the daily patient satisfaction assessment were also shared here. As not all colleagues are online frequently, PROOF also developed a wall newspaper and posters featuring employee stories that underpin the strategy and bring it to life. Every two weeks, employee vlogs covered the various improvement projects being carried out.

The results of communications in this phase are currently being assessed through a pulse check survey. The objective set is for 80% of team leads and employees to be aware of the strategy and MST’s objectives. This pulse check will be repeated regularly to continuously monitor the implementation of the strategy and be able to adjust course where necessary.

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