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Nederland = Logistiek
Game for logistics

What is logistics? Something to do with lorries and containers? Not entirely, but that’s usually what young people associate it with.

This limited view of the profession is why university and vocational college students rarely opt for a qualification or career in logistics. So how do you get young people to understand that logistics is about more than just lorries, and that it’s really about the art of smart organisation? The target group is ‘into’ parties and festivals and is on social media 24/7. We therefore devised a Facebook game which we called ‘Feessie’ [Party!].

The challenge: to organise a party at the lowest possible costs in the shortest possible time. Participants also had to take account of the sequence of the various components and the characteristics of the modes of transport used. The prize for the overall winner was an after-party in London. This familiarised the target group with the ‘art of smart organising.’




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