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Future Fit

Future Fit

It’s tough times for the financial industry as fresh startups and disruptive technologies upend traditional business models. Big may no longer be beautiful when personal, efficient and nimble are the buzzwords for success.

Three strikes… and it’s time to reinvent yourself 

Aegon is one of those companies in the firing line. A world leader in life insurance, pensions and asset management. Operations in over 20 countries, 30,000 employees, 30 million customers and investments worth €645 billion in mid-2015.

But Aegon gets it. In 2015, the company updated its strategy for the next five years. The goals remain the same – loyal customers, operational excellence, empowered employees and an optimised portfolio – but there is a sharpened purpose and ambition. The main change, however, is in the ‘how’. Aegon has to become more agile and adapt faster – and better – to an ever-changing world.

What got us here, will not get us there 

It’s a subtle, tricky message. The ‘destination’ is the same, but how Aegon will get there will impact on the way of working – and the kind of people the company employs. So could PROOF create a campaign that would explain the updated strategy to all employees, create a sense of urgency about the future and anchor the company’s new purpose and ambition in the organisation?

Stories like this need a concept. For Aegon, we went back to the key insights underpinning the company’s strategy. Among these were that customers want a more personal and relevant service. That a 150-year history can be a strength and not just a weakness. That adapt or die is the new business mantra. That innovative and disruptive business models are being introduced every day. That the market now demands a pro-active and agile approach.

Future Fit – our journey starts here 

The result is Future Fit. Rolling out in 2016, it’s is a journey in three stages – Touch, Tell, Sell (adapted from the McKinsey consumer decision model) – that aims to engage employees at the emotional, rational and practical levels. It’s a journey in which Aegon stimulates and invites staff to use their imagination to think about a bigger picture and a bolder purpose. One in which we explain the differences and what’s changing, rationally and emotionally. And in which we explain the impact on the business and what they need to do.

The journey’s begun. There’s a fresh wind blowing. Aegon’s getting Future Fit.




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