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Delta Lloyd
Future Scenarios

What does the future look like?
Every five years Delta Lloyd Group develops scenarios to help managers prepare for the challenges of the future. PROOF was asked to think of an engaging, accessible way to communicate the three scenarios the company had developed to support its workshops.

14 Trees Later…
Scenarios typically consisted of a lot of research on a lot of of paper and multiple PowerPoint presentations. All needing to be rationalised, repackaged and communicated in clear, creative and succinct way.

We went online and mobile – creating that employed a mix of media and helped workshop participants think more freely and creatively. The App allowed the business to make use of it’s BYOD policy and as well as connecting existing devices – allowing content to be shared internally and externally.

Whatever it takes…
The App combined a variety of storytelling techniques – animations, short essays focusing on key aspects of each scenario, long-form copy that told the whole story. Users could dip in and out of each the content, as they liked.

The App, (available in the App Store and on Google Play), was a huge success and took the scenarios to a new level in terms of accessibility and interaction – we also picked up a nomination for the Digital Communication Awards 2014 (Mobile & Apps).



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