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ABN AMRO was looking to boost awareness amongst all employees in the Netherlands that they make the difference for customers every day, whilst simultaneously launching the new social internal platform ‘Connections’ with a bang. The answer, co-developed by PROOF with ABN AMRO is the slogan ‘#EnNuJij’ (‘#Yourturn’). Employees are invited to join Connections, share their stories and discover new ways of working on a socialinternal platform. Sharing knowledge and experience quicker and easier than ever before.

The viral effect
Viral video content featuring senior figures at the bank, eye catching offline tools and user generated content all added up to a very successful internal campaign. Within the campaign period of three months, Connections increasingly became a bigger part of the day-to-day working lives of over twenty thousand employees.

A great result that is borne out by the numbers: 95% of employees know about the campaign, and a similar percentage has spent time on Connections. Employees post actively, like, share, blog and vlog and find one another. Connections is truly alive.


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