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Dutch energy supplier Eneco puts content at the heart of its approach to new and existing employees. New potential team members are targeted through a new ‘working at’ website in which 80% of the content is generated not by management but by employees. Content is also clustered around specific themes, such as Hollandse Wind.

Eneco’s new ‘working at’ website was prompted by a new approach to recruitment communication centring on positive accounts of Eneco as an employer. This is because although Eneco has a unique story to tell, it is not widely known outside the company. Eneco is striving to supply all its customers with energy from 100% sustainable sources. Work for Eneco, and you’ll be helping to achieve this. You’ll do more with your talent: as an IT specialist, as a technician, as a marketeer… This is reflected both in the website’s headings and in its content: employee stories. Blogs, projects, Eneco’s vision: you can read everything through the eyes of the people who work there. Visitors can leave comments and share content via social media. In this way the story spreads, and is being told and retold in more and more places.

Hollandse Wind

Many people at Eneco are working each day to supply customers with wind power. All the work that lies behind the ‘Hollandse Wind’ project is therefore given due attention in an interactive video. In it, a ‘spokesperson’ recounts the story of Hollandse Wind succinctly and enthusiastically. She introduces the subject and the various disciplines. Background content allows you to experience how you can work on Hollandse Wind and hence do more with your talent.

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