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Smart collaboration

Using storytelling to capture a brand promise

Every year DLL publishes a Company review for all internal and external stakeholders. The Company review is most of all a global business card telling who DLL is, what they do, what others say they are and what DLL believes in. It captures DLL’s promise to its customers ‘See what counts’ and reflects the corporate mission, ambition and key values.

The Company review captures DLL’s brand promise ‘See what counts’ and reflects the corporate mission, ambition and key values. As part of its new brand identity, DLL is using storytelling techniques to bring the brand promise to life. The title of the 2016 edition is: ‘Smart collaboration’.

DLL strongly believe in genuine partnerships with their customers. DLL continues their transformation from a traditional financing provider to a partnership-based provider of full-service solutions. A substantial part of the Company review consists of customer stories from all sectors, showing in text and in photography the partnership of DLL with their customers. Always with a direct link to the business; a fast changing world at which DLL – together with its partners – anticipates on. All stories explain what DLL stands for and how they really make a difference; by seeing what really counts. 

With the Company review we show that DLL understands what matters to an industry, a business, an entrepreneur. The stories we showcased explain what DLL stands for and how they add value. It also fulfills an important internal role, by offering staff a clear and consistent overview of the worldwide overview of the worldwide organization, outlining its partnerships with and promise to stakeholders. The review is therefore distributed worldwide in several languages internally and externally.

The DLL Company Review was nominated for the European Excellence Award in 2014 and for the Midas awards in 2016 and 2017.

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