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Real people, real stories
Landal GreenParks is a great Dutch success story. A simple well executed idea that grew and grew. Being a strong brand has its pluses, but also carries risks. Such as familiarity. You don’t grow your brand by doing what the competition is doing.

Landal GreenParks operates over 50 parks in the Netherlands and over 75 in total, in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. If you’ve lived in the Netherlands, there’s a more than good chance you’ve been to a Landal GreenParks.

When you have a strong market presence and are looking to move your brand forward, the last thing you want to do is the same as everyone else – slick brochures, stock photography and a tightly controlled Facebook page. Especially when you have customers that truly love the brand.

Remain consistent, but change
That was our approach when Landal GreenParks came to us for a new campaign: dare to be you. They wanted an agency with a deeper understanding of the breadth of the brand and expertise in both internal and external communications. In PROOF, they found it.

Our advice was to sharpen their existing proposition by moving the idea of ‘discovery’, already part of their brand promise of ‘Ontdek wat groen kan doen’ (Discover what green can do), to the forefront of their messaging. The result was Fynn’s magic soup, Mark’s leaf-bath, Kim’s first bouquet of wild flowers, Sophie’s ‘seize the day’ feeling and Mick – world champion hider and seeker – discoveries made by real visitors to Landal GreenParks. Real discoveries involving the environment, nature, other people and previously unknown skills.

User-generated stories are authentic and credible
Under the tagline ‘Ontdek wat groen kan doen’, PROOF and Landal GreenParks devised an unconventional, user-generated campaign that centres on the discoveries made by its guests. A campaign that employs visitors as ambassadors; because who, after all, is better placed to tell you what it’s like to visit Landal GreenParks than the people who have already been there?

The material featured in the campaign was submitted by the guests themselves through social media – #ontdeklandal. We also restaged magic moments in which real guests showed what they had discovered during their stay. The best images and stories were then selected for use in the campaign.

An integrated brand-building concept that works across borders
Following the launch of the campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium, where it has run since the beginning of 2015, the concept has now been introduced in Germany.

The power of internal and external
PROOF is a strong believer in the connection between internal and external. The agency therefore also developed an internal campaign, “Ontdek wat jij kunt doen” (discover what you can do), for Landal GreenParks employees. This encourages staff to make an extra effort to point out all the things people can do in and around their park, which of course reinforces the impact of the external campaign.

One year on, we are extremely proud of what we have done for the Landal GreenParks brand through this unique-in-the-industry storytelling approach. It’s making an important contribution to achieving the company’s goals. Together with the broader initiatives that Landal GreenParks is running, we have seen a considerable rise in bookings and delivered one of the most successful campaigns to date.

PROOF developed a wide range of tools for use with the campaign.

Most pictures and testimonials are provided by guests via #ontdeklandal and the platform. The best photographs and stories are used in several marketing communication means. For instance in print (DM, posters, park communication), radio and online; E-DM’s and videos on the website

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