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Delta Lloyd
Delta Lloyd Magazine

Positioning a brand by stimulating a dialogue

Like a lot of financial organisations, Delta Lloyd had taken its fair share of stick in recent years. Its reputation in the wake of the credit crisis had taken a knock, despite it coming through largely unaffected. The company wanted to create a dialogue and change the story. Delta Lloyd wanted a reputation as a thought leader and a company that could be relied on.


PROOF was asked to come up with a concept that would position (and reinforce) Delta Lloyd as reliable, leading, entrepreneurial and future-oriented. An organisation that lives up to its promise – critical at the right moment – with a consistent, long-term strategy and the kind of prudent management that helped it successfully weather the financial crisis.

Inspire. Surprise. Dialogue.

PROOF developed Delta Lloyd Magazine, a concept that explicitly encouraged dialogue by stimulating open and transparent communication from the organisation. The aim is to provide inspiration and encourage discussion on their website, internally as well as externally. In addition to being sent directly to employees and customers, Delta Lloyd Magazine is also distributed as a supplement with the Dutch financial newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Delta Lloyd magazine won several nominations and awards in 2014.



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