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Mapping Intratuin’s story

Intratuin is much more than just a garden centre. It’s an inspiring place for customers to get new ideas. Warm, lively and green: that’s the Intratuin feeling. As in most companies, it’s the employees who make the difference. They are Intratuin’s calling card. And with more than 60 locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and over 3,000 people working for it, Intratuin is a major player.

Intratuin’s map for employees

PROOF’s involvement began when we were asked to come up with an inspiring way to both introduce employees to Intratuin’s new story – and kick-start a dialogue about it.

What better metaphor for a garden centre than a map of the ‘grounds’? Just like you get when you visit a stately home. Or the zoo. So, we create a large table runner featuring a map of a figurative Intratuin garden centre. But rather than showing where to find roses or indoor plants, it features Intratuin’s new vision, mission and core values.

The table runner maps are sent to every Intratuin store, along with a series of questions about Intratuin’s new vision, mission and core values. Are these in line with your work? Does Intratuin live up to what it promises? What do they think is going well? What could be improved? Employees write their answers on the map and special answer cards .

The dotted line on the map guides employees through Intratuin’s story, posing statements and asking questions along the way. The idea is to trigger everyone to think about Intratuin’s story, their part in it and how they can show this in their work.

Based on the answers people provide, PROOF comes up with a number of recommendations a number of which Intratuin subsequently adopt and implement. In this way, Intratuin’s new story becomes its employees’ story as well.

The table runner

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