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‘Beyond Boundaries – Are you in?’

For financial and professional services firm JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) PROOF developed an international internal communication concept. With the aim of increasing cooperation beyond the boundaries of departments and countries of the EMEA Group (Europe, Middle East and Africa). To kick off PROOF organized the Country Managers Meeting in Lisbon with the theme ‘Beyond Boundaries – Are you in?’. In a special interactive program an appeal was made to the commitment of the Country Managers.

The country managers all set to work on the JLL purpose, growth, values and digitisation in breakout sessions alternated with strong presentations and visuals summing up their content on the spot. At the end of the meeting, the country managers signed for their commitment to become one JLL.

The day’s programming was a smashing success: never before was a country managers meeting so highly rated.

After the country managers meeting, the strategy will be rolled out amongst management and staff using the overarching internal communication concept ‘Beyond’.



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