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The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (AVL) in Amsterdam has an uncompromising mission: to turn cancer into a non-lethal disease. But there’s a problem. Oncology nurses are crucial to achieving this, but the pool of available talent is small, and that makes it difficult for the AVL to recruit the right people. And on top of this, there are also alarming news stories of a looming shortage of specialised nurses.

The AVL therefore decides it needs to strengthen its image as an employer to ensure it will be able to attract enough oncology nurses in the future. It asks PROOF to develop a high-impact employer brand.

Status scares
The AVL is one of Europe’s top ten Comprehensive Cancer Centres – a status and reputation that some find intimidating. Many oncology nurses question whether they are ready to work at the AVL and so decide not to apply. Knowing this, PROOF sets out to develop an employer brand that both supports the AVL’s status while at the same time positioning it as open and accessible. The idea is to remove the self-doubt that is discouraging oncology nurses from applying.

Specialists as spokespeople
The resulting employer brand campaign, #nietzonderjullie (not without you) highlights how the hospital’s specialists, the public face of the AVL, cannot do their work without their ‘invisible’ cohorts, the nurses. Because the AVL specialists are often in the spotlight, the campaign uses a number of them – Alexander Akkooi, Hester Oldenburg, Jacqueline Stouthard, René Bernards and Wanda de Kanter – to spotlight the importance of the oncology nurses. The message: we won’t achieve our goals without oncology nurses.
As part of this, PROOF develops the campaign website. This includes interviews with the specialists who are the public face of the campaign, and video portraits of oncology nurses, who explain what it’s like to work at the AVL. The site also has information about open days during which you can shadow an AVL oncology nurse, traineeships and internships. The campaign further features vlogs by oncology nurses that give viewers a weekly insight into their work at the AVL. And you can apply for jobs right from the site.

At the time of writing (March 2017) the campaign had only just launched, but the initial reaction has been enthusiastic. We’ll update this case with results once we have them.




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Wanda de Kanter, pulmonologist and anti-smoking activist and Martelly Krielen, oncology nurse

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